Altai Mountain Country is located in the center of Asia, within the borders of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China.

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Сurrent package of dataset “Virtual Herbarium ALTB (South-Siberian Botanical Garden)

Scheme of botanical-geographical subdivision of Altai by R.V. Kamelin (2005), made in WP Google Maps (Vaganov, Shmakov, Gudkova, 2019).
A (А) – Altai province (regions: A1 (А1) – Northern Altai, A2 (А2) – North-Eastern Altai, A3 (А3) – Central Altai, A4 (А4) – Tchulyshman, A5 (А5) – Abakan-Dzhebash, A6 (А6) – Khemchik); KAD (КАД) – Altai-Dzungarian province (regions: KAD1 (КАД1) – North-Western Altai, KAD2 (КАД2) – Kalbinsky, KAD3 (КАД3) – Tarbagatai, KAD4 (КАД4) – Saur, KAD5 (КАД5) – Zaissan, KAD6 (КАД6) – Bukhtarma, KAD7 (КАД7) – Markakol-Kanas, KAD8 (КАД8) – Kara-Irtysh, KAD9 (КАД9) – Altai-Dzungarian); ZM, UM (ЗМ, ЮМ) – Tuvinian-Mongolian province (regions: ZM1 (ЗМ1) – Chuya-Khobdo, ZM2 (ЗМ2) – Tsagan-Gol, ZM3 (ЗМ3) – Khobdo-Tonkhil; UM (ЮМ) – South-Mongolian).

* Vaganov A.V., Shmakov A.I., Gudkova P.D. Global data on biodiversity of the Altai mountain country, presented in the world’s scientific depositories // Acta Biologica Sibirica, 2019. 5(2), 95-101.

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